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Intercultural and International Management
Trilingual master's degree
Long-term internship
100% employment

The Masters in Intercultural and International Management “M2i” at Université Paris Nanterre, is the highest-ranking university program of its category in France (Eduniversal ranking) and has been dubbed a “gem” (“pépite”) by the French weekly le Nouvel Observateur. It trains high-level trilingual students to work in a number of fields: business development, sales, marketing, communication, commerce, and business travel. It has been selective since its creation and extends over 2 years, ending with a long-term internship on an international scale.

5 reasons to choose M2i

- 1 -

The highest ranking university program of its category (“Classement Eduniversal”)

- 2 -

100% employment

- 3 -

A pluridisciplinary program

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- 4 -

Operational linguistic competence (3 languages)

- 5 -

Team work that fosters a true “class spirit”

They are all talking about the Master M2i

"The master’s projects have allowed me to have responsibilities and to organise an event from A to Z. We get a lot out of the classes, which are also very useful in our search for an internship."
Lola Bondois
M2 M2i student 2019-2020, Travel management major
"I am very impressed by the M2i students. If I were still working in a company, I would be very keen to employ them because they are an unbelievable mixture of pleasant, curious and intelligent young people, all with a thirst to learn, share and debate. This is something quite rare these days."
Anne Augier-Pommey
management consultant for M2 classes
"The students master several languages and cultures. This makes them more open-minded and adaptable, which is essential in today’s constantly changing workplace."
Anja Habermarcher
M2i graduate, now International legal advisor at Euler Hermès France


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