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Les mémoires des étudiants M2i

Chaque année, les étudiants de première année du master M2i doivent s’atteler à la réalisation des mémoires à orientation professionnelle en langue étrangère. Les thématiques des mémoires touchent principalement les domaines du Business Development, de la communication d’entreprise internationale et événementielle ou du Travel Management.

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Les mémoires de la promo 2020

The Gordon Ramsay success story: from a name to a multimillion-pound brand

Starting a restaurant business may seem an attractive idea as people will always need to eat. But is it that easy to run a restaurant? The truth is that the restaurant industry is saturated and extremely competitive. This research paper focuses on an outstanding British chef and a successful restaurateur who knows better than anyone that the restaurant business is full of pitfalls. Gordon Ramsay, who is now one of the richest chefs in the world, started from scratch and managed to build a restaurant and media empire. Let’s see what helped him to create a business on such a huge scale and become a household name.

Brand Activism as a Marketing Strategy: A Bright Idea Turned Sour The Case of DOVE

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world by purchasing deodorant? Now more than ever, consumerism means taking a stand and supporting the company you buy from, putting power into its hands to bring changes to society. Choosing to buy a product from a brand involved in fighting social issues may be your closest shot at becoming an activist.

This research dissertation focuses on the evolution of activism, explains its uses in the marketing strategies of companies and studies its benefits and limits for Dove. It provides a pre-COVID 19 focus on brand activism and questions its future in marketing, a sector that will continue to be transformed by the 2020 sanitary crisis.

Will Natural Diamonds Last Forever?

A diamond is forever. This is probably one of the most famous quotes you have ever heard about diamonds. Movies have countlessly glamorized them, with secret agents chasing after these precious shiny gems.  Today, diamonds are seen as something out of reach, and, for some of us, as a secretly expensive dream

But, what about if we could afford this dream today?

Lately, something has threatened the diamond industry. Its name? Synthetic diamonds, which are created by humans’ own hands. In this research, you will discover a sparkling but ruthless world, where traditional diamond producers, especially De Beers, have to reinvent themselves to face this new generation of diamonds.

La moda rápida vs. el consumo sostenible: el caso de Zara

Por siglos la industria de la moda ha sido importante para las personas. Pero esta importancia sigue evolucionando con el tiempo y no ha hecho más que acentuarse con la aparición de la tecnología y las redes sociales. Todo esto también se desarrolló junto con el capitalismo que fue creando poco a poco la sociedad de consumo en la cual vivimos hoy, explicando así el funcionamiento del consumo indumentario actual.

Basándose en el caso de la empresa española Zara, el objetivo de este trabajo es entender si existe la posibilidad de diseñar ropa que esté de moda y a la vez sea sostenible.

Мессенджеры в России – больше, чем сервис для обмена сообщениями. Пример Telegram

Информационные технологии ворвались в нашу жизнь несколько десятилетий назад, и сегодня многие из них являются неотъемлемой частью нашей повседневной жизни. Одним из ярких примеров являются смартфоны с многочисленными функциями и приложениями. В данной исследовательской работе речь идёт о мессенджерах: вы узнаете, что их функции не ограничиваются простыми переписками и звонками. На примере Telegram мы покажем, насколько широк может быть функционал подобных приложений и как он влияет на жизнь простых пользователей и на целые индустрии экономики.

Von Massentourismus zu nachhaltigem Tourismus in Deutschland: eine neue Art des Reisens

Im Laufe der Zeit hat sich die Tourismusbranche stark entwickelt und galt vor der Coronakrise als einer der größten Wirtschaftszweige der Welt. Tourismus bringt zwar viele positive Seite mit sich, hat aber auch negative ökologische und soziale Auswirkungen. Die Menschen sind sich dessen zunehmend bewusst und versuchen, diesen schädlichen Einfluss beim Reisen zu verringern. In den 1980er Jahren entstand deshalb der Ausdruck „nachhaltiger Tourismus“. 

Diese Masterarbeit gibt einen Überblick über positive und negative Aspekte des Tourismus und zeigt, warum ein Übergang vom Massentourismus zum nachhaltigen Tourismus notwendig ist und wie dieser Übergang gelingen kann. 

Les mémoires de la promo 2019

Managing multicultural teams in the airline industry: A challenging take-off
Imagine working every day in a new and faraway office, and always getting to know new colleagues, who you have never met. Then hundreds of customers enter your office, and you must adapt quickly to your workmates and provide efficient teamwork.
Here is the fascinating but also dangerous daily life of cabin crews and pilots. In this research work, you will be able to travel with them and to discover how they deal with multicultural issues. You will also understand why multiculturality in the airline industry is, as I said, fascinating but also dangerous.
So, are you ready for take-off?
Luxury and Social Media: an incompatible union? The case of Burberry

It is no secret that social media have drastically changed communications in the last decade. Although it is clear that they have revolutionized communications altogether, social media were a particular turning point for well-established brands as well as small businesses. If mass-market brands adopted social media relatively quickly, it was not as blatant for luxury brands.

This research paper will focus on how it is possible for a luxury brand that conveys an image of exclusivity to use platforms that target a substantial part of the population.

Inversión Directa China en Proyecto Ruta 32 para el Desarrollo de la Costa Caribeña

La presencia de China en países emergentes es un tema bien conocido. Sin embargo, su papel en el desarrollo de estos países está a menudo subestimado, sobre todo en el ámbito centroamericano.

El objetivo de este trabajo de investigación es destacar el efecto dominó causado por la inversión directa china en el Proyecto de Amplificación y Rehabilitación de la Ruta 32 en Costa Rica. También se demuestra cómo esa carretera nacional se convertirá en la columna vertebral comercial del país, y específicamente del desarrollo socioeconómico de su zona caribeña que aún no logra desarrollarse.

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